Process R&D

We understand your need to control costs,

our process development expertise delivers important cost control, just when you need it.


Our strong emphasis on process research and development minimises the risks associated with the scale-up of chemistry routes, giving our customers the confidence that their chemistries are viable for commercial scale production.


Our teams have specialist expertise in both chemistry and process development,
addressing such issues as

  • Route selection and safety evaluation
  • Availability and cost of key raw materials
  • Process optimisation and scale-up
  • Isolation and purification


Projects we undertake deliver:

  • Rapid supply of materials to meet tight project deadlines
  • Process optimisation ensures safe and efficient scale-up as the project progresses
  • Regular updates and teleconferences to ensure rapid response and maintain momentum
  • Comprehensive development reports, with all IP generated belonging to you, the customer


We are proud to deliver a technical package proven to add value to your project, enabling smooth technical transfer of the process to facilitate larger scale production.

Process R&D

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