Process R&D Labs

Our process development work minimises the risks


associated with the scale-up of chemistry routes, enabling us to develop processes that are efficient, safe, scaleable and environmentally friendly.


At SONEAS Research the process development labs have equipment including the following:

  • Walk-in and standard fumehoods, including an oversized 3m2 hood
  • Jacketed glassware to 20L; pressure vessels to 2L
  • Büchi pressure reactor 1-5L (60 bar)
  • 24 theoretical plate ss distillation columns
  • Huber & Julabo mobile thermostats
  • Büchi rotavaps 2 x 10L, 3 x 20L

Our customers rely on us to deliver a technical package facilitating smooth transfer of the process to larger scale production.


For more information visit Process Research and Development.

Process R&D Labs

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