We have developed many multi-step routes to make preclinical and early clinical phase APIs and intermediates. Services provided include:


Custom synthesis on laboratory to pilot plant scale (cGMP and non-GMP)

  • Route selection and safety evaluation
  • Process optimisation, scale-up and validation
  • Custom synthesis to support medchem , with rapid scale-up of lead candidates
  • Preparation of impurities and reference standards


To support such synthetic and manufacturing programmes we offer services including:

  • Salt screening and crystallisation studies
  • Stability studies (stress tests, accelerated and long term)
  • Analytical method development and validation
  • Impurity profiling


We also have expertise to develop technologies for production of intermediates pharma and non-pharma application, fine chemicals, F&F ingredients in multi ton scale.

All our processes are designed to be reproducible, transferable, quality compliant, economical and environmentally acceptable.


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