Intermediate manufacture

All of our processes are designed to be reproducible,
transferable, economical and environmentally acceptable.


At SONEAS Research and SONEAS Chemicals we provide custom research and custom synthesis services on lab to pilot plant and commercial scale to support our customers’ development and production programmes.


With particular expertise in heterocyclic and organometallic chemistry, we supply starting materials, intermediates for pharma and non-pharma materials on scales from milligrams through hundreds of kilograms up to 100 Mt.

  • Custom synthesis to support medicinal chemistry, with rapid scale-up of lead candidates and intermediates
  • Kilo Laboratory enable timely manufacture
  • Pilot plant facilities for supply of larger quantities
  • Large scale manufacturing units, hydrogenation and distillation equipment for Mt scale production
  • Our well-equipped analytical laboratories support the synthetic work,
    and ensure the quality of everything we supply


Of course, if you need material made under cGMP then we have regulatory approval for preclinical to commercial supply; for more details please visit cGMP API Manufacture.


HTIB/ Kosher’s reagent


(Diacetoxyiodo)benzene – PIDA, DIB, DAIB


Intermediate Manufacture

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