Pilot Plants

Our two main production units are manually controlled, overpressured multi-purpose units.


Each reactor is independently ventilated to avoid cross-contamination; the Hastelloy C reactor is particularly useful for running organometallic chemistry – typically lithiations, Grignards or hydride reductions.


Unit 1

  • 250L, 500L and 1600L gl reactors
  • 1000L crystallisation reactor
  • 1,000 mm ss centrifuge (Class 100,000 HEPA environment)
  • Operating parameters: -15 to 140 °C (internal temp)
  • Overpressured and filtered air supply; airlocked
  • Vacuum tray drier (Class 100,000 HEPA environment) – (capacity up to 50 kg)
  • 20L ss mobile drum blender
  • 0.6m2 QVF glass thin film evaporator


Unit 2

  • 1000L Hastelloy C reactor with glass and gl overheads (operable down to -80°C)
  • 100L ss hydrogenation reactor (10 bar)
  • 600mm PFA coated centrifuge
  • 35L Hastelloy C reactor (operable down to -80°C)
  • 20L Glass-top Distillation reactor
  • 20L gl reactor with DN100 distillation column
  • Huber thermostat (-80 to 200°C)

When scaling up, we recognise the need to eliminate reactions at cryogenic temperatures wherever possible in order to reduce costs, but we also know that this is not always achievable – some chemistry simply won’t work at elevated temperatures.


For more information visit cGMP API Manufacture.



Pilot Plants

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