Kilo laboratory

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– 3-storey production unit houses fixed glass top reactors in the uppermost level, with gravity feed to the work-up vessels and crystalliser as well as process filter/dryer below.


  • 63L SCHOTT gl reactors
  • 100L QVF gl reactor
  • 50L QVF crystallisation reactor
  • 250L QVF reactor with DN150 Sulzer graphite distillation column (20 theoretical plate numbers)
  • Glass reactors to 100L
  • 20L ss mobile hydrogenation reactor (10 bar)
  • 20L and 50L ss mobile Process filter/dryer
  • 20L rotary evaporators
  • 400mm ss Centrifuge; HEPA environment (class 100,000)
  • Mobile filters to 60L
  • Vacuum tray dryers
  • Scrubber


For more information visit cGMP API Manufacture.

Kilo Laboratory

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