Discovery Chemical Catalogue website


Ubichem Pharma Services, a leading provider of chemistry services to the drug development sector, has recently launched a new website to house its expanded Discovery Chemical Catalogue. It can be accessed directly at or from the Ubichem Pharma Services website at, allowing you to search the functionalised building blocks and purchase compounds which can help progress R&D projects.


Expertise in heterocyclic chemistry has enabled the preparation of many functionalised building blocks with reactive groups suitable for the synthesis of lead compounds. Recent additions include 1,4-disubstituted isoquinolines, 1-amino-5-bromoisoquinolines and thieno[3,2-c]pyridines. Typically, a few grams of material are available from stock, with analogues, or larger quantities, up to 100’s kilograms, being made on request.


Jozsef Repasi, Managing Director of Ubichem Research, commented “Our Discovery Chemical Catalogue has expanded significantly over the last year and the ability to purchase compounds on-line will allow us to provide an even better service to our customers in this area.”

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